MARCH 2020

Creation is an important means of self-expression. Before I started applying to art therapy grad programs, I was limited to working in 2D media (mainly watercolor, acrylic, and oil). Luckily, I discovered a passion for working with textiles, including embroidery. 

This piece was inspired by Netflix's hit 2020 docuseries, "Tiger King." (Good morning to everyone except that b Carole Baskin!)

I started this hoop by googling a picture of a Bengal tiger. Then, I sketched some basic outlines in sharpie. I alternated between bits of orange, pink, and grey thread to add dimension to the planes of the face.


I've heard embroidery described as painting with thread. It's a beautiful and relaxing medium.


I drew this sketch at the airport in Indianapolis, following a cousin's wedding. My flight was supposed to connect to a flight in Chicago, but a sudden weather storm derailed those plans. 


While stranded at the airport, I got out my sketchbook and started thinking about the things we carry with us, and how they define who we are. Do you hold a well-conditioned leather suitcase, or a soft duffel bag? A large purse, or a small money clip?

Drawing people and their possessions in an airport environment allowed me to do an in-depth observation of how we define ourselves by what we carry, and how we hold space for ourselves and others on our individual journeys.



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